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Dates Benefits for Health in Fasting Month

Of course you are not familiar with this one fruit that date. In the current holy month of Ramadan fruit this one a lot we can find an sisupermarket pasarand nearby. Hence the palm fruit is identical when the fasting month. Why is that? Because in addition to many palm fruit consumed during the holy month of Ramadan iftar or sahur time, it is also highly recommended. This is because the natural sweetness contained in the palm fruit is able to restore lost energy during fasting all day. Besides palm fruit is consumed when breaking fast can the stomach satiety which serves to control one's appetite to not overeat.

In connection with the palm fruit contains a lot of which is beneficial for health. Among sugar 75% -87%. Besides the palm fruit also contain protein, minerals, vitamins and many others. All these contents are needed by the body to support the health of your body every day. Now for more details, just note the following reviews about the health benefits of dates in the month of fasting to know, including the following!

This is the Dates For Health Benefits in Fasting Month

Balancing Blood acidity level
The first benefit to the health of palm fruit in the month of fasting is beneficial to balance blood acidity. While the month of fasting blood levels of acidity tends to increase even more so during fasting many foods that mengandug carbohydrates and meat. To overcome this, it is advisable to eat the palm fruit around 2- 3 seeds have been very helpful to balance the acidity of the blood.

preventing Constipation
Constipation is a problem that is synonymous when fasting. Many of them are experiencing this problem. Therefore to solve this one problem, dates can be one alternative to overcome in addition to eating fruits and vegetables. This is because the date's high content of fiber. Try every day when breaking consumption 2- 3 seeds palm fruit which is useful as a preventive and overcome the problem of constipation.

As Energy Source
Last Manfata of the palm fruit adalahs sa source of energy. When fasting course of energy in the body is exhausted and to restore the palm fruit can be one solution. The content of glucose contained in the palm fruit is what can mebantu body back in shape after a long day of fasting. So with enough eating three seeds of the palm fruit is enough to restore your body's energy is lost.

Now that's some explanation of the palm fruit for health benefits in the month of fasting. But one thing you need to know. For those of you who have a history of diabetes, should not be too much eating of dates. Because the glucose content existing nature palm fruit did it would be very dangerous and worsen the health condition of your body. In addition when the palm fruit try to have a really sharp today many rogue merchants who are passing off the palm fruit. A few explanations and hopefully this time can be beneficial to us all and knows all things related to Huah dates that you consume during fasting.
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